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Madagascan Vanilla

Madagascan Vanilla

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Sit back in a hammock and take this one real slow. Enhanced with a splash of Sri Lankan coconut oil, this chocolate will take you to the perfect white beach, one taste smoothly melting away to reveal hidden warmth within the perfect Madagascan Vanilla. Made with coconut oil, famous for many healing properties including the promotion of good cholesterol, and lowering of bad cholesterol. Taste the rich, dark, raw Vanilla from the shores of Madagascar with this wonderful chocolate.
(Although the price of Madagascan Vanilla is at a record high, we are offering this chocolate for a little less as it's been so popular, we only have the recycled boxes left, adapted from other flavours in the original sleek black box - we hope you don't mind and instead love that we are doing all we can to save resources.)
 Pure Vanilla: Cacao butter*, raw cacao*, coconut sugar*, Sri Lankan coconut oil*, raw lucuma*, Madagascan vanilla. 
Raw. Vegan. *Organic. Palm Oil Free.
Each chocolate square is handcrafted so may vary slightly in weight but we always aim for 36g minimum.
Made where nuts are present.