About Cornwall's Chocolate Cove

(Me, enjoying a day trip to St Agnes beach.)

"Cornwall's Chocolate Cove make the best slabs of utterly fabulous chocolate that I have EVER eaten..." Dame Joanna Lumley, OBE

HOW IT ALL BEGAN: Once upon a time, I was diagnosed with cancer...not just once, but 3 times. The first time I was completely shocked, thought it was all about diet and threw myself into taking on a 3 year Nutritional Therapy course, becoming completely obsessed and paranoid about what I ate in the process. With the second time I thought, "Hmmm, not all diet then, must be all about positive energy!", so launched myself into Hay House books and trained to be an Advanced EFTMR Practitioner.

By the third time, I was completely exhausted; all the stress, the treatment, the pressure to have 'perfect' thoughts, 'perfect' diet, plus I'd also had a second child - I just didn't have any more fight left in me...and...I'd really been missing deliciously secret-stash-hiding-in-the-cupboard naughty treats that I'd been denying myself for years. So, instead of taking on another fight, I took a breath, slowed down and decided to take time to just appreciate all life - have fun, compassion and kindness as my foundation and experiment with wonderful, nutrient rich ingredients to develop recipes for all the moorishly mouth watering delights I'd missed so much. That was followed by a move to Cornwall and after much experimenting and tasting, in 2015, Cornwall's Chocolate Cove was born.

A WORD ABOUT INGREDIENTS: As you nibble or chomp on your chocs, you can be cosy in the knowledge that all of our cacao, cacao butter and coconut sugar is ethically sourced, organically grown and everything is raw (think of all those antioxidants), free from palm oil, soya, gluten, cane sugar and vegan (plant based, no dairy) made with nutrient rich, healthier ingredients - making the chocs kinder to your body, kinder to animals and kinder to the environment.

A WORD ABOUT PACKAGING: We also use sustainable packaging whereby the 'plastic' is made from compostable plant starch and the card box is printed locally, made from recycled paper and is part of the Woodland Carbon Scheme - making the chocs kinder to the environment.

A WORD ABOUT CHARITIES: With a great love for animals I wanted to do more than just words of support, so a small portion of the purchase price from two of the chocs (and some of the gift boxes) goes directly to two of my favourite charities to help support the amazing work they do: Lemon Splash on Dark raw choc is linked to The Born Free Foundation ("Keep Wildlife in the Wild") and the Salty Cracked Pepper & Caramel raw choc is linked to Viva! ("Be Kind to All Kind") - making the chocs kinder to animals.

A WORD ABOUT YOU: It genuinely means so much to me that you love the chocs - that you've even taken the time to read this. Your support is everything and each website order, each shop purchase, each gasp of delight when you try the tasters, actually lifts my heart in a little dance of joy. I feel really privileged and humbled that the love for the chocs has developed such a wonderful, loyal, growing following of brilliant people - that's you - as well as landing in the hands of equally fabulous people like Joanna Lumley (very exciting!) and also Warner Bros. (more excitement!) who wanted them for their main cast during the filming of Wonder Woman! So thank you for your kindness and your support as you're the ones that are keeping the beauties going and enabling me to live a wonderful chocolatey life.

WHERE WE ARE: In 2021, with the growing enthusiastic demand, I set up a little shop in St Ives where I spend my time making chocolates, truffley fudge and spontaneously made delights, serving customers, wrapping gift boxes, preparing orders, occasionally dancing, sometimes singing and always giving tasters to fabulous people drawn in by the chocolate aroma. I'm tucked away in The Drill Hall amongst a wonderful community of other independents; like a hidden gem you have to search us out, to be found by the adventurous who dare to embark and who are rewarded with tasters and treats.

I hope that if you're ever in St Ives, you'll search me out, pop in and say "hello!"

Wishing you a life of joy, freedom and kindness to all,

Judy xxx

Cornwall’s Chocolate Cove, The Drill Hall, Chapel Street, St Ives, TR26 2LR 

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Here are a few special moments aside from chocolate; adventures with Alan, & our children, animals courtesy of The Born Free Foundation, a rare one where I'm a bit dressed up and one of Cornwall's beautiful Porth Kidney beach.... Xxx
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