About Cornwall's Chocolate Cove

(Me, enjoying a trip to St Agnes beach.)

"Cornwall's Chocolate Cove make the best slabs of utterly fabulous chocolate that I have EVER eaten..." Joanna Lumley, OBE


I'm the founder of Cornwall's Chocolate Cove and my chocolate adventures began because my own health took a dramatic downturn and led me towards studying Nutritional Therapy, bouncing back and appreciating the beauty in good nutrition and the benefits of making positive changes to my life...

All good so far...

However, as I secretly really missed deliciously, hiding-in-the-cupboard naughty treats, my aim was to create moorishly mouth watering chocolate that would be kinder to your body, the environment and to animals, but still give you the feeling of having a secret, naughty pleasure - and so Cornwall's Chocolate Cove was born...

Word about the chocolates quickly grew and they soon developed a really lovely, loyal following of gorgeous people - that's you - as well as landing in the hands of fabulous people like Joanna Lumley (very exciting!) and also Warner Bros. (GASP! Even more excitement!) who wanted my hand made Cornish chocolates for their top main cast during the filming of Wonder Woman! 

So it really is a thrill knowing that as I spend my time, mindfully handcrafting chocolate gems with thoughtfully selected, nutrient rich ingredients, inspired by the crystal clear turquoise of the Cornish sea, and the wild forces of nature - I can share with you the Joanna Lumley/Wonder Woman experience as you can dive into these chocolates and the meltingly lush truffley fudge at any time, with just a click of a button - and I really do appreciate every time you do as it means that I can keep making and sharing the chocolate and truffley fudge joy!  

Final word - with a great love for animals, nature and a belief in kindness to all, I wanted to do more than just words of support, so 20p from the sale of specially chosen chocolates goes directly to my charities of choice (The Born Free Foundation, Viva! and The Cinnamon Trust).

I hope that these luxurious chocolates, with flavours slowly steeped for a longer, more enriching taste experience, offer a pleasurable choice that's kinder to your body, kinder to animals and kinder to the environment.

Wishing you a life of joy, freedom and kindness to all,

Judy xxx

p.s. I now have a little shop:

Cornwall’s Chocolate Cove

The Drill Hall

Chapel Street

St Ives, TR26 2LR

Love animals | Love the environment | Love your life

(All packaging recyclable & compostable - the outside card box is also part of the Carbon Woodland scheme and the inner sleeve is made from 'plants not plastic'.)

Here are a few special moments aside from chocolate; adventures with Alan, & our children, animals courtesy of The Born Free Foundation, a rare one where I'm a bit dressed up and one of Cornwall's beautiful Porth Kidney beach.... Xxx
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