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About Cornwall's Chocolate Cove

(Me, enjoying St Agnes beach.)

"Cornwall's Chocolate Cove make the best slabs of utterly fabulous chocolate that I have EVER eaten..." Joanna Lumley, OBE

I'm sure you can imagine the excitement when we received such a fabulous review.

My name is Judy Hedden and I'm the founder of Cornwall’s Chocolate Cove. My chocolate journey began because after studying Nutritional Therapy, I had made massive positive changes to my diet, but I secretly missed really deliciously naughty treats.

Chocolate had always been an exciting delight; melting morsels being furtively bought from the shop down the road, smuggled away with my best friend and much giggling, and gone before we reached the top of the hill. But with my new way of eating, I couldn't find anything that satisfied my secret cravings...and so I started creating and experimenting and developing treats and delights that brought back all the excitement of those first naughty morsels but that now contained healthier, more nutrient rich last Cornwall's Chocolate Cove was born...

We're now a small, strong family of like-minded people, who all enjoy good health, good food and good fun creating a range of unique chocolate gems that are inspired by Cornwall’s natural beauty and spirit for adventure, handmade with thoughtfully selected ingredients that are low GI, vegan, gluten free, soya free and cane sugar free.

With a real belief in kindness to all, we make these chocolates with great consideration for animals and the environment by having all packaging recyclable, and by donating to two charities that we love; The Born Free Foundation and Viva!

Our chocolatey 'words that we love & live by' are:
"Believe in the pleasure of healthy eating, with a love for animals, nature and freedom for all. Move forward and discover, pursue kindness and live a wonderful life."

Wishing you a life of joy, freedom and kindness to all,

Judy xxx

Love animals | Love the environment | Love your life

Here are a few special moments aside from chocolate; adventures with my partner, Alan, & our children, animals courtesy of The Born Free Foundation, a rare one where I'm a bit dressed up and one of Cornwall's beautiful Porth Kidney beach.... Xxx
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Photo - Angeline Swan