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Cornwall's Chocolate Cove

Experience the Golden Taster Collections

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All vegan (so dairy free), palm oil free, soy free, gluten free & cane sugar free. 

Here, we have created a range of Golden Taster Collections which offer a selection of chocolates, truffles and truffley fudge with the intention of giving you (or a loved one) a personal, Golden VIP taste experience. Contained in a glamourous, sturdy, organic, keepsake box (made with materials from sustainable forests), our Golden Taster Collection combines a carefully selected gathering of 5 melt-in-the-mouth truffles, giving you a variety of flavours, 3 shimmering golden truffley fudge bars and 2 contrasting but complimentary raw chocolate bars. (And while I'm nestling it amongst its leopard print tissue, getting it ready for posting, I always pop in an extra golden truffle for added discovery upon opening...)

You can choose your favourite collection from the drop down menu above, the truffles and truffley fudge bar flavours will vary but the raw chocolate bars will be:

  • Toasted Hazelnut & Maple with Deliciously Dark 72%
  • Orange & Cinnamon with Raspberry & Baobab
  • Peanut & Sea Salty Carmel with *Salty Cracked Pepper & Caramel (20p goes to Viva! - during busy times Pepper may be replaced with an alternative delicious slab!)
  • Raspberry & Baobab with Lemon Splash on Dark (20p goes to The Born Free Foundation with the Lemon Splash)

Please see individual products for exact ingredients. All truffley fudge bars contain nuts. As the truffles are made spontaneously and vary in flavour, please contact me if you have any allergies before purchasing:

Thank you for diving in! Xxx