Monthly Lucky Draw Giveaways

Lucky Draw, Lucky You!

I really appreciate all the love you show for the chocs - as a small business every purchase, every post, every share, every like and review means so much and makes such difference that I wanted to do more than just words of appreciation - and what better way than to give away chocolate!!

So, we now have 2 lucky draws a month:

Lucky Draw Giveaway 1 - the social media lucky draw - entry details below

Lucky Draw Giveaway 2 - every purchase = 1 entry

As I think you deserve it, I've created the opportunity for multiple entries dependent on the effort you make: 

  • Sharing a post of the chocs = 1 entry
  • Posting a pic of chocs/fudge that you've bought or received & sharing words of love = 3 entries
  • Posting a video of you and the chocs/fudge you've bought or received & sharing your words of love = 5 entries
  • Making the special effort to write an official review on google reviews or facebook = 5 entries
So, a continued big THANK YOU for all of your support - and please follow the facebook and instagram accounts for the draw results!
With love, joy and freedom to you,
Judy xxx