Cornwall's Chocolate Cove plant based, soya, palm oil, cane sugar and gluten free organic raw chocolate. Freshly Ground Coffee

Choc: Freshly Ground & Fairtrade Coffee

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All raw chocolate, vegan (no dairy, plant based) soya free, palm oil free, cane sugar free, gluten free.
Coffee, known for it's stimulating properties in physical training and mental alertness, is fast becoming the new superfood**...personally, we just love it for it's rich, aromatic flavour...
Our coffee of the moment is ethically sourced from Peru.

Raw cacao butter*, raw cacao*, coconut sugar*, freshly ground Fair Trade roasted coffee, raw coconut oil*, splash of natural caramel flavouring, pinch of Cornish sea salt.

*Organic and raw except for the coffee!
**Difficult to say this next bit as our coffee choc is so delicious, but as coffee and raw cacao are stimulants, please eat in moderation.

All our products are handmade so weight can vary slightly but we aim for a minimum of 45g and are mostly more!