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Salty Cracked Pepper & Caramel - Sleek Black Box

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Pepper; once considered so precious it was presented to the Gods in sacred offerings. Here, with one little nibble, it whisks you away to a tucked away club in Barcelona, where it dances with abandon on your taste-buds, giving you quick flashes of sea salt before being brought slowly together by the meltingly warm embrace of caramel.

This deliciously surprising chocolate is in collaboration with Viva!, the charity that campaigns for a better world through veganism to end animal suffering and to protect the environment. You can help support this amazing charity as from 7th April 2018, 25p from the sale of this chocolate goes directly to Viva! 


Cacao butter*, nutrient rich cacao*, low GI mineral rich coconut sugar*, vitamin high lucuma*, digestion-enhancing and anti-bacterial, cracked black, white & pink pepper are high in Manganese, Vitamin K and over 80 other nutrients. Cornish sea salt, said to contain all the minerals of the sea, and we all love a bit of natural caramel flavour.

Raw. Vegan. *Organic. Palm Oil free.

All of our products are mindfully handcrafted so may vary slightly in weight, however we aim for 36g minimum (and it's quite frequently more!)