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If you fancy your own Secret Stash of chocolate, truffley fudge and truffles, not too much, not too little but just enough to be discreetly popped through your letterbox to provide you with the joy of regular little nibbles, then these Secret Stash packages are just for you. They are available as one off purchases, or as a 3 month, 6 month or a 12 month subscription.

We put them together in 3 distinct flavour combinations, each giving their own personality to the package, (which you can select from the drop down menu above...) and a 4th Wild & Adventurous package which could be any combination including freshly developed spontaneous flavours! Why not dive in...

We have: 

Bright & Lively

1 x Zesty Raspberry & Baobab Chocolate Square

1 x Lemon Splash on Dark Chocolate Square

 3 x bars of  Truffley Fudge from the range

 3 x Chocolate Truffle Hearts (flavours may vary)

Carefree & Outdoorsy

1 x Salty Cracked Pepper & Caramel Chocolate Square

1 x Peanut & Salty Caramel Pack of 3 Truffley Fudge

3 x bars of  Truffley Fudge from the range

3 x Chocolate Truffle Hearts (flavours may vary) 

Dark & Mysterious

1 x Award Winning Deliciously Dark Chocolate Square

1 x Crunchy Toasted Hazelnut & Maple Chocolate Square

3 x bars of  Truffley Fudge from the range

3 x Chocolate Truffle Hearts (flavours may vary)

Wild & Adventurous

With this package, the whole range of much loved favourites has now opened up to you, so it'll be a mouth-watering surprise as to which ones you'll receive. If you choose this one as a one off or as a subscription then every now and then, we may also replace a favourite with a brand new flavour of truffley fudge, truffle or chocolate, just for fun! 


If you'd like a regular monthly "Secret Stash", please select whether you'd like a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription from the menu above, pop it in your basket and you only have to pay one postage fee! We usually send out the subscription packages between 20-24th of each month but will contact you to see if you'd like the first delivery immediately, or if you'd like to excitedly wait for the usual date. If you'd like to mix around your flavours, then just add the name the "Stash/es" you'd like to receive in the comments/notes section before checkout. 

If you'd like to postpone a month or have your box sent to a friend instead, please contact us before the 15th of each month. Thank you so much, and VERY excitedly for your chocolate adventure!


Please check the individual flavours for the ingredients and if you have any allergies, please let us in the comments section when you place your order and we will do all we can to replace an item. Please note, all products are made in an environment where there are nuts, some of the chocolates contain nuts (check flavour title) and all of the truffley fudge bars contain nuts.