The Famous Five - Gold Bars of Truffley Fudge

The Famous Five - Gold Bars of Truffley Fudge

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Melt-in-the-mouth, hand cut truffley fudge - kind of truffle, kind of fudge and definitely deliciously lush. Five 'gold' bars, five 'gold' flavours, kept together in a silky, black, organza bag of fun. A delightful way to enjoy and experience a range of flavours.

The Variety Bag contains 5 bars, 5 different flavours, made up of the favourites listed below and sometimes our spontaneously made flavours! The famous five** are: 

  • Peanut & Caramel
  • Sour Cherry & Almond
  • Freshly Ground Coffee
  • Orange & Cinnamon
  • Raspberry & Baobab

**The bag of five may vary depending on spontaneous inspiration eg. Chocolate & Hazelnut, Pure Chocolate or something deliciously Christmassy like Lemon & Ginger...

As all our truffley fudge bars are hand made and hand cut, they may vary in weight but we will always ensure that each bag (containing 5 bars) has a minimum weight of 90g. Allergy advice: All flavours contain nuts. Please let us know if you have any allergies before buying. 

*Organic. Vegan. Palm oil free. Gluten free. Soya free. Cane sugar free.

Ingredients: Coconut sugar*, raw cacao butter*, almonds*, raw cacao*, peanuts (with skins on), hazelnuts, freshly ground coffee, raw coconut oil*, freeze dried cherries, pinch of sea salt, natural flavour.