"All For Me" Sumptuous Supply Gift Box

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A sensational box of luxurious chocolates and truffley fudge - similar to the "If I Really Have to Share" Sumptuous Box but a touch more subtle, a little more discreet, so easier to...shall we say...keep away from others' eyes, to snaffle out of sight, to keep for yourself to enjoy privately, to nibble when needed, to taste and to sample, to have your chocolates at your beck and call - all for you...

This "All For Me" sumptuous box of deliciousness includes our full range of chocolates (and double of our Award Winning Deliciously Dark 72%), so there is ample chocolate if you really wanted to share.  These eight chocolates are complimented by three, slim golden truffley fudge bars which are delicious chomped all in one go, or sliced, very thinly to savour every moment... Your box will include:

  • 8 glistening bars of raw chocolate:
    • 2 x Award Winning** Deliciously Dark 72%
    • 1 x Peanut & Sea Salty Caramel 
    • 1 x Orange & Cinnamon (20p goes to The Cinnamon Trust)
    • 1 x Toasted Hazelnut & Maple 
    • 1 x Award Winning** Viva! Salty Cracked Pepper & Caramel (20p goes to Viva!
    • 1 x Lemon Splash on Dark (20p goes to the Born Free Foundation)
    • 1 x Award Winning** Raspberry & Baobab

Next, we add in 3 slim, golden bars of truffley fudge, from the variety of flavours below:

  • Peanut & Caramel
  • Freshly Ground Coffee
  • Sour Cherry & Almond
  • Chocolate & Hazelnut
  • Orange & Cinnamon
  • Raspberry & Baobab
  • Or a spontaneously made flavour - please let us know if you have any allergies.


All our chocolates are made with raw cacao, raw coconut sugar and the truffley fudge is made with a base of ground nuts for extra protein. Please see individual products for exact ingredients and if you have any allergies or would like to make a tweak here and there, please add a comment in the notes section at checkout.

Thank you so much for diving in!