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Award Winning Raspberry & Baobab

Award Winning Raspberry & Baobab

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Luscious Raspberry & Baobab: Take yourself away to a secret glade with soft grass and a broad, old English Oak, just perfect for an undisturbed moment with a good book and of course our rich, raspberry chocolate, dressed with raspberries (known for their ellagic acid, flavonoids and phytonutrients) and drizzled with vitamin C rich Sicilian Lemon & Baobab Sorbet.

Try this deliciously mouth watering Taste of the West Award Winning Chocolate for yourself....


Cacao butter*, raw cacao*, coconut sugar*, vitamin C baobab*, lucuma*, natural raspberry flavouring. (Lemon Sorbet drizzle: Cacao butter*, xylitol, vitamin C baobab*, lucuma*, lemon oil.)

 All of our products are handmade so the weight may vary slighty but we aim for a minimum of 40g.

Raw. Vegan. Organic*. Made where nuts are present. Palm Oil Free