The Luxury Treasure Trove

The Luxury Treasure Trove

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In this beautiful opulent box**, you have the private luxury of tasting the unexpected as we carefully select 9 handcrafted chocolates, just for you. For the adventurous wanting the unexpected, we will secretly select your chocolates from our range to give you the spontaneous delight of indulgent chocolate treasures from around the world; Gold Leaf, Cardamom & Orange is the only luxury taste sensation reserved for every traveller, because we all need some 24ct gold in our lives. The perfect introduction to our raw chocolates, or for those wishing to reacquaint their love. (Due to the recent sell out of all stock, the gold printed boxes and menu card are currently unavailable so the

(hush, hush...nestled underneath this layer of chocolate gems is a secret full size boxed chocolate from our range...don't forget to look...)

All the chocolates are individually handcrafted so the weight can vary but we will guarantee that the total weight of chocolate in your box will be a minimum of 120g. 

*Selection box image for illustration purposes only, chocolate flavours will vary. Please let us know if you have any allergies.)

Please allow up to 5 working days for packing and delivery.