The Baobab Collection

The Baobab Collection

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Take a journey across the continent...depart with the satisfying taste of an English Garden, exploding with sumptuous Raspberry which lifts you to explore the zest of vitamin C rich, African Baobab. This has been paired with a taste of Sicily in our refreshingly sparkly Lemon & Baobab Sorbet.

These two large chocolate squares are joined by another from our collectio. We've currently chosen smooth, rich Madagascan Vanilla, blended with Sri Lankan coconut oil, like the perfect white beach leading into rich, dark chocolate, each moment smoothly melting away to reveal hidden warmth within the perfect antioxidant-rich Madagascan vanilla.

All chocolates are raw, organic*, vegan, sugar free, soya free, gluten free. All chocolates are made in an environment where there are nuts and seeds.

Chocolates in this Collection:

1 x Luscious Raspberry 33g
1 x Sicilian Lemon & Baobab Sorbet 33g
1 x Vanilla 33g

Each chocolate is individually handcrafted so may vary slightly in weight but we guarantee each one will be a minimum of 33g each.

Please allow up to 5 working days for delivery.

*Sicilian Lemon & Baobab Sorbet is made with natural xylitol (from tree birch) and although xylitol is great for your teeth, sinuses, a third of the calories of normal sugar and helps the body's natural cleansing process to clear away allergens, it cannot be certified as organic.