Triple Pack: The Baobab Collection

Triple Pack: The Baobab Collection

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Take a journey across the continent...depart with the uplifting thoughts of an English garden that bursts with the taste of sumptuous raspberries drizzled with zesty lemon sorbet; to then journey across to Africa for the full sparkly Lemon & Baobab Sorbet taste experience; leading nicely onto Sri Lanka with our Lemon Splash on Dark which is our Award Winning smooth, rich Deliciously Dark 72% chocolate, blended with Sri Lankan coconut oil and drizzled with a splash of our Lemon & Baobab Sorbet chocolate - like the perfect white beach blending into rich, dark chocolate, each moment smoothly melting away to reveal hidden warmth within the perfect raw cacao.

All chocolates are raw, organic*, vegan, sugar free, soya free, gluten free, palm oil free. All chocolates are made in an environment where there are nuts and seeds.

Chocolates in this Collection:

1 x Luscious Raspberry 40g (Taste of the West Award Winner)
1 x Lemon & Baobab Sorbet
1 x Lemon Splash on Dark (Deliciously Dark 72% 40g Taste of the West Award Winner)

Each chocolate is individually handcrafted so may vary slightly in weight but we guarantee each one will be a minimum of 40g each.

Please allow up to 5 working days for delivery.